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Roman Numerals: Charts, History and Numerology: December 2008 Archives

December 2008 Archives

Roman Numerals 1-25 ( I-XXV ) - a video

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Roman Numerals 1-25 are displayed in this video. Complete with the audio.

Roman numerals: a field guide

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The ultimate Roman numerals chart! This guide is an essential reference for everybody who has to deal with Roman numerals. Includes a Roman numerals chart (1-5000) and a look-up table of alphabetically arranged Roman numerals, with some variants and erroneous renditions.

Roman Numerals: a field guide

Roman Numeral 9 (and 4)

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It is usually assumed that the correct way of expressing number 9 in Roman numerals is IX. This assumption is generally correct, but very often you will see number 9 shown as VIIII. Although this looks quite strange and almost wrong to the modern eye, this was a completely valid way of writing 9 in Roman times. My theory is that using VIIII instead of IX creates a sense of a natural progression of numbers. If you decide to use this old convention for your own numbering purposes, make sure that instead of IV you use IIII for 4, otherwise the resulting numbers may look inconsistent.

Roman Numeral Converter

Decimal ("What is the Roman numeral for...?"):

Roman ("What is this Roman numeral?"):


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