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Roman Numerals: Charts, History and Numerology: January 2009 Archives

January 2009 Archives

Superbowl numbers - Roman numerals

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And for all of you sports fans out there, Superbowl numbers in Roman numerals, truly one of the major sources of interest towards the ancient numeric system. Of course, the very first Superbowl did not have a number at first, but the rest of the sure did. I believe every Superbowl also had an official logo.

1              =                 I

2              =                 II

3              =                 III

4              =                 IV

5              =                 V

6              =                 VI

7              =                 VII

8              =                 VIII

9              =                 IX

10           =                 X

11           =                 XI

12           =                 XII

13           =                 XIII

14           =                 XIV

15           =                 XV

16           =                 XVI

17           =                 XVII

18           =                 XVIII

19           =                 XIX

20           =                 XX

21           =                 XXI

22           =                 XXII

23           =                 XXIII

24           =                 XXIV

25           =                 XXV

26           =                 XXVI

27           =                 XXVII

28           =                 XXVIII

29           =                 XXIX

30           =                 XXX

31           =                 XXXI

32           =                 XXXII

33           =                 XXXIII

34           =                 XXXIV

35           =                 XXXV

36           =                 XXXVI

37           =                 XXXVII

38           =                 XXXVIII

39           =                 XXXIX

40           =                 XL

41           =                 XLI

42           =                 XLII

43           =                 XLIII

What made Roman numerals easy to use?

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When modern students are faced with having to learn the Roman system they often wonder how on earth anyone ever found this number notation convenient for any sort of calculations. The answer is actually rather simple. Yes, Roman numerals are not great for complicated calculations. However, they were extremely convenient when they were used at the time of their origin. Imagine having to carve Arabic numerals on wood or bark. Now imagine achieving the same objective using Roman numerals. The difference is striking. All the letters used in the Roman system can be carved with a few simple cuts: I, V, X, L, < (for C), |> (for D), M. There is evidence that a similar system was still used in the 19th century, in some rural communities in Italy, by shepherds who needed to keep track of their flocks. By the way, the simplicity of these symbols may indicate that they are not related to the Latin alphabet, but are rather independent of it, except perhaps C and M, which are probably dependent on the Latin words centum (one hundred) and mille (one thousand).

Roman numerals in sports: the infamous UF t-shirt

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Come Superbowl time, every football fan in the US is subject to a mandatory annual rediscovery of Roman numerals. Of course, the proper way of referring to Superbowl match-ups requires the use of this antiquated, yet beautiful system. Apparently, this yearly refresh course is not enough for some people. This t-shirt that was made by the University of Florida in 2006 should serve as a somber reminder of the sad state of affairs in our education when it comes to Roman numerals. Instead of MMVI (2006) these shirts were printed as shown, proudly displaying XXVI (26). To all math teachers out there, use this in class to prove to your students that not knowing how to use Roman numerals can can you fired!

Roman Numeral Converter

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