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Roman numerals in sports: the infamous UF t-shirt - Roman Numerals: Charts, History and Numerology

Roman numerals in sports: the infamous UF t-shirt

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Come Superbowl time, every football fan in the US is subject to a mandatory annual rediscovery of Roman numerals. Of course, the proper way of referring to Superbowl match-ups requires the use of this antiquated, yet beautiful system. Apparently, this yearly refresh course is not enough for some people. This t-shirt that was made by the University of Florida in 2006 should serve as a somber reminder of the sad state of affairs in our education when it comes to Roman numerals. Instead of MMVI (2006) these shirts were printed as shown, proudly displaying XXVI (26). To all math teachers out there, use this in class to prove to your students that not knowing how to use Roman numerals can can you fired!

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